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Iron Man 2 for both the Wii and PSP are similar to the first Iron Man film tie-in games in that the development for each of the consoles was handled by a different studio. While a rebranded Secret Level would continue on to craft Iron Man 2 for the PS3/Xbox 360, development of these versions would be handled by High Voltage Software.

The game tells the exact same story as the main versions of Iron Man 2: Taking place after the events of the film, A.I.M steals a part of the JARVIS A.I and tries to utilize it as a weapon, this leads to the creation of Ultimo. The game is different in structure from the current generation version of Iron Man 2, much like the Wii/PSP versions of the original Iron Man, but unlike that version High Voltage chose not to compress the FMV’s for story purposes and instead has story exposition go on between two stock character portraits between levels. While the story in the game is pretty good, you’ll get fairly bored just looking at two character moving to the foreground as one talks and the other falls in the background.

Iron Man 2 is the perfect definition of a “5”, if I was rating these games on a numerical scale. There’s nothing particularly wrong or bad about it, it just doesn’t reach any highs or lows. Gameplay for 90% of the game boils down to moving through a level either by walking or hovering and shooting the same couple of enemies over and over again. In a few levels you are in a fixed flight level that play similar to something like Star Fox, but these instances are very rare. Other than that you participate in simple hacking games where you line up pairs of dots, but you don’t even have to do that should you wish. You can hit a “solve” button and complete the hack with absolutely no penalty.

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The upgrades are one of the areas where this version of Iron Man 2 trumps its older console sibling. In the PS3/Xbox 360 version of Iron Man 2, the upgrade menu was a convoluted mess that made it difficult to know if you had something equipped or not. Here you get a clean, easy to navigate screen where you can upgrade both Iron Man and War Machine in a multitude of areas including primary and secondary weaponry, mobility and armor.

Of the two versions, the Wii version is the superior of the two but the PSP port is still a solid game. The melee has been removed from the motion control for this game, and it’s easier to keep track of foes due to a lock on function present only in the Wii version. The PSP port suffers from the face button camera controls from Iron Man 1, but the controls are laid out much better making the game more enjoyable to play.

Overall I can’t really say anything overly damning or praise worthy about these versions of Iron Man 2. They are completely functional games that lack any type of noteworthy highs or lows, and the ability to boost around as Iron Man takes a lot of fun out of playing an Iron Man game. This game does some things better than the PS3/Xbox 360 version, but doesn’t really make a stellar Iron Man experience.

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