Video games and comic books have been a part of my life since as long as I can remember, and there’s nothing I love more than when these two passions of mine collide. From camping trips growing up playing The Amazing Spider-Man on my Game Boy to renting The Adventures of Batman and Robin for the SNES from a local mom and pop rental store, there’s nothing I have loved more than playing a digital version of one of my favorite costumed crusaders.

Growing up in a small town, it was difficult to keep up with monthly comic books, so much of my knowledge of superheroes, even major stories like The Death and Return of Superman and Maximum Carnage, was born out of playing video games.

Inspired by magazines like Electronic Gaming Monthly and web programs like The 1up Show, I began writing about video games a little over a decade ago and in 2012, I came up with the idea of starting a website based on comic book games. I was inspired to do this after playing the superb Batman: Arkham City, a game that proved that its predecessor, Batman: Arkham Asylum, was no mere accident. With both of those games it showed that with the proper care and attention, games based on comic books could be just as good as the biggest AAA productions and not just a means to cash in on a popular license.

I just didn’t want to talk about the new and upcoming comic book games though, I wished to give a second life to the ones that were already released. I sought to experience once again the titles I was nostalgic for, to seek an understanding of past blunders and build awareness for games that deserved more. Before starting this website, I had no idea that Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions for the Nintendo DS was an underappreciated title akin to Nintendo’s Metroid, nor that there was an awesome Contra clone for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive based on a book from an author named Tom Mason called Dinosaurs for Hire.

We’re living in a new, golden age of comic book video games. From WB Games Batman titles, Sony’s latest Spider-Man and Iron Man games, to narrative focused titles like The Walking Dead, comic book properties are finally getting the respect they deserve in the video game industry. Whether it’s a small indie print getting its first game or a new, AAA game starring an established character or team from “The Big Two,” this site will do its best to cover them all through the latest news, opinion pieces and detailed reviews.

If you love comic book video games, you’ve wound a kindred spirit in me.


Blair Farrell,

Owner and sole content creator

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