The last big comic book movie of the summer is Fox’s first attempt at rebooting their Fantastic Four film franchise. Leading up the movie’s August 7th release, I’m going to look at nearly every Fantastic Four video game all throughout the month of July, culminating in a feature at the end of the month where I’ll rank the worst to the best. The layout of the month and what games you can look forward to on what dates are as follows:

JULY 6TH: FANTASTIC FOUR (PSONE) – The first console game where the Fantastic Four steal the spotlight.

JULY 8TH: FANTASTIC FOUR (GAMECUBE) – Did Activision’s hot streak with properties like Spider-Man and the X-Men translate to the Fantastic Four? Check back to find out.

JULY 13TH: FANTASTIC FOUR (GAME BOY ADVANCE) – 2005 saw not one, but two Fantastic Four games arrive on Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance, the first features the whole team…

JULY 15TH: FANTASTIC FOUR: FLAME ON (GAME BOY ADVANCE) – …while the second focuses on just the Human Torch.

JULY 20TH: FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER (PS2/Wii) – When it came to the film’s sequel, publishing duty switched from Activision to 2K, but in the case of the PS2/Wii games, the same developer stuck around.

JULY 22ND: FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER (NINTENDO DS) – Can the company who made two Fantastic Four games on console successfully translate to a handheld?

JULY 27TH: FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER (XBOX 360) – The seventh generation console debut of the Fantastic Four

JULY 31ST: RANKING THE FANTASTIC FOUR GAMES (FEATURE) – Which Fantastic Four games are the best, and which one should you avoid?

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