The last time Superman would appear in his own video game other than a mobile title was in 2006’s Superman Returns, which is nearly a decade old at this point. Even though it’s been that long, it doesn’t mean that someone wasn’t trying to bring the Man of Steel back to the video game world. Factor 5, a developer you might know from the N64/GameCube days who worked on the Star Wars flight-combat games Rogue Squadron and Rogue Leader, were working with now defunct publisher Brash Entertainment to make a new Superman game. This was after the disappointing sales of the PS3 exclusive Lair caused them to part ways with Sony and a failed attempt to revive Kid Icarus with their former partner, Nintendo, shorty after.

Unseen 64, who have looked into cancelled comic book video games before like the Avengers FPS from THQ and The Dark Knight game from EA, took a look into the work Factor 5 had put into the project before it was terminated. Take a look at the video below:

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