Sony’s Marvel’s Spider-Man is not only the console holders best-selling first-party title to date, but it’s also one that people are putting in the leg work to get the prestigious platinum trophy. On Resetera, a user going by the name of Certinfry has pointed out that one in ten people who have played Marvel’s Spider-Man have gotten all of it’s trophies. For comparison, Horizon: Zero Dawn, the second game in terms of platinum trophy completion rate sits at only 6.1 percent compared to Marvel’s Spider-Man’s 10 percent.

A lot of that has to do with how fair it is to get all the trophies in Marvel’s Spider-Man. There’s a lot of tedious trophies for sure, like having to do a number of crime missions in each district for every enemy type, but even when you’re swinging around waiting for crimes to happen, you’re still partaking in Marvel’s Spider-Man’s wonderfully traversal mechanics. There’s also no trophy penalty for playing at the lowest difficulty, and certain trophies, like one for getting all costumes, pop even when you don’t have the super secret final costume that’s awarded for taking hidden pictures.


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