With an October 25th release date seemingly locked in, more of Gotham Knights was shown off today to a hungry public looking for more information on the WB Games Montréal take on the Batman mythos. Previously, the studio crafted the underappreciated Batman: Arkham Origins and a Batgirl centric expansion to Batman: Arkham Knight, but this is the studios attempt to build something on their own, free of the world built by Rocksteady, and, funnily enough, the Dark Knight himself. Upon the death of Batman, the team of Robin, Batgirl, Red Hood and Nightwing are called to protect Gotham from the mysterious Court of Owls, an ancient society who has ruled the city in secret from the shadows.

Teased yesterday, a 13 minute gameplay demonstration complete with developer commentary was released online earlier today. In it, two of the four Knights: Nightwing and Red Hood, grabbed the spotlight. From the footage, Nightwing as you expect is acrobatic and quick on his feet in combat, not to dissimilar from Batman in the Arkham series, while Red Hood focuses on ranged attacks from his dual pistols, that, of course, are loaded with non-lethal ammunition. Like in the Arkham series, the duo can also choose to hide in the shadows and catch foes unaware.

While each hero can ride the Batcycle to get around, both Nightwing and Red Hood each have their own unique traversal mechanics. As both are cape less, Nightwing utilizes a rocket powered glider to get from rooftop to rooftop while a side effect of Red Hood’s resurrection has granted him supernatural powers of sort that allows him to move about in mid-air. If you’ve played with Kate Bishop in Marvel’s Avengers, it looks at a glance to be very similar to her move set. Admittedly, seeing both heroes traverse in this way seems a little out of character, but at the very least they each have a grapnel tool to zip to perches.

Like in many modern games, all of the Knights can unlock new equipment, perks, and mods using craft able items found by completing missions. This is all done in the Belfry, the team’s base of operations, where the map of the city can be viewed along with missions that are available. Depending on how you feel about the trend of big-budget, AAA games turning into RPGs, this aspect of the game could skew how your opinion on Gotham Knights, but the team still has five months to also demonstrate how the role-playing mechanics blend with combat, stealth and traversal. At a glance, it somewhat looks like the confusing menus that plagued Marvel’s Avengers upon its launch, but it could be far easier to navigate in action.

You can view the full video below.

via Gotham Knights YouTube

Originally announced a cross-generation title that would come to all PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Gotham Knights will now only come to the PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series platforms. In a statement released with the new gameplay presentation, publisher WB Games said on their decision to lean in this direction:

“to provide players with the best possible gameplay experience, the game will release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC and will not be available for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One consoles.”

This fall will mark the second anniversary of the start of this generation, and while it’s getting slightly easier to get new hardware, it isn’t exactly resting on the shelves at places like Target or GameStop. The latter is even forcing users to buy into costly bundles for the PlayStation 5 in Canada that costs close to $1,000. Hopefully by the time Gotham Knights drops, the userbase of each ecosystem will be healthy enough such that no one will get left out from playing.

Though it dropped versions for the last generation of consoles, Gotham Knights also picked up two new editions. The first is the Deluxe Edition, which sells for $89.99 USD on consoles and $79.99 USD on PC. It grants access to outfits themed after the futuristic Batman Beyond series as well as exclusive gear and cosmetics.

  • The much pricier Collector’s Edition, coming in at a whopping $299 USD, includes everything that’s in the Deluxe version along with a diorama of the team, a map of Gotham City, and an augmented reality talon key. While undoubtedly cool, the cost is a steep barrier to entry.

Gotham Knights arrives October 25th for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series consoles and PC.





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