Yesterday during D23’s video game showcase, the Oculus exclusive and premiere Marvel virtual reality title, Marvel Powers United VR was unveiled to the world. Afterwards an interview was published on Marvel’s website with the head of Oculus Studios, Steve Arnold, about the title wherein further information was provided about the project. The title is a joint venture between Oculus Studios and Sanzaru (Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time) and is described as a multiplayer co-op game. The story of the game has the Masters of Evil obtaining a Cosmic Cube and using its power to rewrite reality itself into one in which the group rules over. You’ll get to play as over a dozen characters once the game releases in 2018 and fight in arenas ranging from the past, the present as well as alternate futures in your quest to reclaim the Cube and set reality back to the way it was. Because of how chaotic the Masters of Evil have made things, the player will never know where they will enter each time they play, and the example was given that on one instance you may be fighting Ronan the Accuser and the Kree and then another faction of villains entirely.

Read the full interview at the link below.


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