Developer Beenox revealed the first villain for their Amazing Spider-Man videogame. That villain is the Rhino:

The game has a different twist on the character from that of the comics. As opposed to a man in a rhino costume, this version of the Rhino is similar to the Lizard in that he’s a man that has his genetic code mixed with Rhino DNA, much like Dr. Curt Connors. One of the people involved in the creation of the Rhino is a Dr. Michael Morbius. Is that a hint at another villain reveal?

Over at IGN, which was the outlet to break the reveal, they have an interview with Stephane Gravel from Beenox and Chris Baker from Marvel. They talk about the Rhino’s origin as it relates to the theme of both the movie and the game. The Rhino, Curt Connors and Peter Parker are all experiments with humans and members of the animal kingdom. Could this give more hints about characters that will be seen in the game? Beenox has already named dropped Michael Morbius, whom in the comics becomes a vampire after a freak accident with a vampire bat. A lot of Spider-Man’s rogues gallery is based in the animal kingdom, so it can be assumed that perhaps other opponents could be the Vulture and the Scorpion. I would say Doc Ock, but a revised version of that character would probably be saved for another film.

Along with a new trailer, the release date was given for the Amazing Spider-Man: June 26th, 2012, one week before the North American theatrical release of the film.


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