Boy, that came out of nowhere.

The official Playstation blog announced Monday that four DLC packs are coming for the Amazing Spider-Man, two of which are the Amazon exclusive Stan Lee Adventure Pack and the Rhino Challenge Pack that was the Gamestop/EB Games exclusive pre-order bonus.

The first of the new packs is the Lizard Rampage pack that lets you play as the Lizard in a mode that sounds similar to the score attack heavy Rhino Challenge Pack. The goal is to knock down toxic towers and create havoc in a quest to stop a virus blast in NYC. Come to think of it, Lizard creature in a videogame running amok in a big city…

But I digress. You also get access to the Vigilante Spider-Man costume, which is more or less Peter Parker in his street clothes and mask that was featured in the movie.

The fourth pack are two classic arcade style modes played from the Osphone device which appear to look like a version of snake and space invaders. The goal of the first is to literally guide a mechanical snake through NYC. The name of the pack is the Oscorp Search and Destroy Pack.

The packs will cost $3 to $4 each or come as a bundle for $10. The packs range from 260-380 MSP on the XBL marketplace. There is no bundle pack for Xbox 360 owners. I have them on my harddrive right ready to go, just need to have a spare moment to play them and I’ll talk about them here.


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