Let me start this off by saying that his game has the best “Press Start” ever: Raising your hand triumphantly!

The demo has two available characters to try, Hulk as the default character and Thor as the back up. You can tag back and forth between the two by simply raising your left hand. I’m not the biggest Kinect fan, in fact I’m a pretty huge detractor for motion control gaming, but I found the controls in this game worked surprisingly well, which is pretty good given my Kinect gaming space:

Not a lot of room there, and it basically assumes I stand on one leg.

You have a basic punch and kick attack done by punching and raising your left leg. You dodge attacks by leaning to either the left or the right. The two characters have several character specific attacks, Hulk can pound the ground and throw massive boulders and Thor can either throw Mjolnir by raising your right arm or charge a lightning attack by raising your arms up.

One of the things I couldn’t quite figure out was the launcher mechanic, wherein you launch your opponent into the art and let loose a barrage of attacks. At the start of the match Hulk does one automatically, but I could never figure out how to trigger one outside of that. I’m assuming the final game will have a tutorial of some sort or a training mode. The demo just throws you into the thick of things and simply explains how to dodge and follow the on-screen prompts.

This certainly isn’t the Avengers game that we wanted, but the demo proved to me at least that there is quite a bit of fun to be found in this Kinect based fighter. It remains to be seen exactly how long the game will be able to sustain itself once you get past raising your hand to swing Mjolnir, but I’m optimistic.


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