X-Men: Destiny came out last year to little to no fanfare. Critics bashed it, sales were less than mediocre, and by now most people (outside of me) have probably forgetting about it.

But what exactly happened that made it so bad? Publisher Activision has had a pretty decent record with the license in the past, putting out the X-Men Legends series and some decent fighting games on the PS1. It was developed by Silicon Knights, whom I will state up front I don’t like for many reasons, but made games that other people liked such as Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (*cough* overrated *cough*) and Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes with the aid of Nintendo and Hideo Kojima himself.

This weekend Kotaku published an extremely interesting article about the development of X-Men: Destiny that I think everyone should read, whether you like games based on comic book heroes or or are honestly just a fan of games in general. It’s a bit lengthy and can be summed up in a matter of sentences, but it’s well worth your time.

I personally liked X-Men: Destiny, but I’ll be upfront and honest, I liked it as in “I found it at bestbuy for $24.99” liked it. I also thought it was one of Silicon Knights better games, but that’s not saying much as I don’t like there games nor the founder of the company Denis Dyack, who seems to enjoy complaining about why people don’t like his games then fixing them and placing blame for his problems on other parties. It saddens me after reading the article about how different the game could’ve turned out had it been given the proper care and attention.

You can check you the article HERE.

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