This week the sequel Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two drops courtesy of Disney Interactive and Junction point studios, the developer founded by legendary game designer Warren Spector (Deus Ex, Thief). In an interview with Polygon about the game, he mentioned how much he would love to make a game starring some of Marvel’s classic characters:

“I want to make an Iron Man or Fantastic Four game,” he said excitedly. “I don’t think anyone has done Marvel right yet. Everyone thinks that a superhero game should be about destroying things, flying, breaking walls, picking up and throwing tanks. But that’s not what makes Marvel superheroes interesting.

“Spider-Man isn’t interesting because he can sling webs; he’s interesting because he has to decide whether to pay his rent or fight Dr. Octopus,” he added. “The Hulk is interesting because if he loses control he destroys a city. Iron Man is interesting because he’s an alcoholic billionaire with a heart problem. Why doesn’t anybody make games like that? The X-Men are interesting because they are reviled by the people they are trying to save. How can you not do that in your games?

“If you make a Marvel game and it’s about beating stuff up, you’ve missed the point,” he added.

He does make some very valid points. I’ve played a lot of games based on Marvel heroes, but have yet to play one that meets the quality of Rocksteady’s Batman games. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very good games features Marvel characters, but none that could be considered game of the year caliber. The Arkham games succeeded because of how well the studio backing the game understood the Batman character.

Here’s hoping that Spector gets the chance to make a Marvel based game, I would love to see him try.


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