Batman: Arkham City is the game that just won’t stay out of the media’s eye for very long. The game has been out for over a year and since then its gotten DLC, a game of the year edition, action figures and comics from DC,  a Wii U Port and it even made it to TIME’s top games of all time list. But I don’t think everyone ever saw this brand extension coming….

That’s right, in early 2013 there will be an Arkham City board game entitled Batman: Arkham City Escape. Made by Cryptozoic Entertainment, who also made a Walking Dead board game, the game is for two players with one taking the role of Batman while the other takes on the role of villains such as Joker, Harley Quinn, Two Face and Poison Ivy. While moving along the board, each players will have access to 40 cards suited for either Batman or his rogues gallery with the end goal of course being to escape Arkahm City.

No release date has been given, however it has been revealed the game will retail for $45.

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