If you’re a regular visitor, you’ve probably noticed the insane amount of reviews that have been posted over the past week with the note saying they were published previously on the Comicbookmovie.com website. Now that I’ve FINALLY finished up moving them over, I wanted to write-up an explanation as to why there’s been so much content dropped at once.

In 2013 I made the decision to abandon this blog and post all of my comic related video game news, reviews and articles on the Comicbookmovie.com website as a way in which to increase my exposure. Now, a SMART person posted each article on both their independent blog as well as that website, but I foolishly didn’t. After a rather long hiatus away from producing any content, I wanted to start-up again but really wanted to try this route again, as when you post on a website that has a lot of contributors, you often miss out on getting practice writing small news articles if you’re not the first one to post it. Sites like that also appreciate smaller, up to date news articles and reviews of whatever is popular at that time, and I like to look back at things that are retro. I also felt that if I was to build THE online source for all things comic video game related, it couldn’t rest on someone else’s site, hence the recent site redesign and my desire to pursue outside help.

A majority of the reviews that I carried over may have lost their themes from when I first published them, so I want to provide their original context:

– The Iron Man, Superman and Wolverine game reviews were published around the release of their respective summer blockbusters

– Hulk, The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and Urban Chaos: Riot Response was something I thought up to celebrate the release of Batman: Arkham Origins

– The Hellboy, Spawn and Constantine reviews continued my Halloween tradition that I started with Midnight Sons month here in 2012.

I chose not to port over every single article because A) its way to time-consuming and B) A lot of it is just old, irrelevant news. From now on, all of my work will be found here exclusively (unless something comes up and you’ll be the first to know it!) and unfortunately I wouldn’t expect to that get that much content any time soon, though I do have some ideas that I’m going to hopefully get started soon.

In the meantime, please enjoy the reviews, in posting them I remembered how much fun it was playing all those games and discovering some pretty odd gems that I ended up loving for all the wrong reasons. Also, should you want to look at some of the work I did outside of reviewing on the Comicbookmovie.com website, you can do so HERE.

– Blair Farrell



  1. I was thinking it may have been better to just bring articles over in small chunks, so that there would be “new” content posted over the course of a couple weeks, instead of just dropping them all at once. But I neglected to say anything when you first started and it’s a little too late now, haha.


    • I had a similar thought, but I really just wanted to get everything over, sort of a dealing with the past to look to the future deal. It’s also been bugging me that I haven’t moved those reviews over.


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