Ninja Theory has been a studio with barely a handful of games released in the last console generation, yet the small number of releases from them is dwarfed exponentially by the quality of their output: Heavenly Sword, an early PS3 console exclusive, was a tad anemic from a gameplay standpoint but made up for it in droves with top-notch production value and story. Their next game, Enslaved Odyssey to the West, was a criminally under appreciated gem of a game and finally last year’s DMC: Devil May Cry can easily be regarded by many as the single best game in that series history.

The studio is currently working on a new game for the current generation of consoles titled Hellblade that was announced last month during Gamecom, however they’ve also been busy working on the weeks away from release Disney Infinity 2.0 since February of this year. They were brought on by executive producer of the game, John Vignocchi, because of their experience in combat engines (see every example above) and worked on the villains pack: Loki, Green Goblin and Ronan the Accuser on the Marvel side, as well as Princess Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin.


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