the walking dead wiiu

I already reviewed The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct on the PS3 (you can read the full review HERE) and for a quick summary, I think it’s a great game that was unfortunately rushed to market under cooked to capitalize on the license instead of being properly developed. It’s most certainly very rough around the edges, but worth a look for fans of zombie games or any version of The Walking Dead, be it the TV show, comic, or other game series by Telltale Games.

For the Wii U version of Survival Instinct, there’s not a long list of features that were changed like the conversion of Batman: Arkham City to the system, just one spectacular feature that makes it easily the best version of the game to own. All your inventory is clearly visible and excellently organized on the tablet controller, making getting to items and discarding ones you don’t need incredibly intuitive. Need to get some health back while running away from a walker herd? Tap on your health icon and activate it. Inventory full up and you need to get that valuable item? Tap on the item you want to lose and simply swap it out. It’s an awfully small addition to the game that makes a huge difference when playing it, and it really makes you lament the fact that no one other than Nintendo are making games for this hardware and capitalizing on the tablet controller.

SHOULD YOU BUY OR RE-BUY? If you haven’t at least tried The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, I implore you to give it a shot. Given the game is approaching two years old, I guarantee it won’t set you back much money. Should you have access to a Wii U, it is easily the best way to play, as you get all the same content with the added unique controller benefits. If the tablet controller is not you’re thing, you can also chose to play with the Wii U Pro controller as well.

If you’re a HUGE fan of the game on either the PS3 or Xbox 360, the Wii U version isn’t a bad investment, as it provides a fresh way to play through this, in my opinion, underrated game. Casual fans are probably better sticking off to the version they already own.

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