I love posting items on this website, it truly is one of my greatest joys in life. Whether it’s putting up a small news story to share with everyone, crafting a feature or posting a review, I just spring to life when I start taping on the keys to bring something here into existence. The reason I write this is that I feel ashamed in myself for some rather large day-by-day gaps that go empty, so I’d like to offer up an explanation, which may come across as an excuse, so take it as you will.

I’ve chosen a rather niche sub-genre as the sole focus of this website and for certain days, sometimes weeks, news can be sparse or non-existent so I try to fill up that time with things like features or reviews. In order to review things by the standards in which I’ve personally set for myself, I try my hardest to finish a game before I’ll talk about it, unless it’s a rare case where a game is SO impossibly bad that I can’t (you’ll see two examples in about a week’s time, trust me.) Finishing games is something I have to do in my spare time as this is a site I run for free where every game I talk about comes as a purchase out of pocket and in order to afford to keep bringing in new things to review, I have to work a day job that takes up a lot of my time. As it’s not that best paying job in the world, I often don’t have the little bit extra in which to obtain something new, despite the fact that the wheels in my head are turning towards something I’d love to do.

Working a day job with random hours takes a toll on exactly how much free time I can spend playing games, also there’s often other activities that rob me of precious time that I could be either finishing up something that I can talk about. Until the day when people flock to a website about licensed comic book games, a day I don’t really see coming sometime soon, this is how things have to be.

There’s also another factor I’ll touch on, which is timing. I try to schedule retro reviews, such as my upcoming Halloween reviews (yes plural) at  a time I feel they’ll possibly get the most views. This involves me finishing up something well in advance (I finished a game today I won’t publish a review for until early November) so that leaves extra time that has to be filled with other things and as I’m the only author on all the articles you see here, I’m often at a lost creatively, something that frustrates me a lot actually, as there’s nothing more I’d love than to have numerous articles for everyone to read over every day.

So in summary, I’m not falling behind as I have in the past. I’ve done so in the past and lost momentum on writing and that’s something I don’t wish to repeat. I’ve got some things planned for Halloween like I normally do, a review that ties into an upcoming event happening in the Marvel Universe and a series I’m kicking around for Christmas, and perhaps one that will encompass ALL of 2015. Let’s not forget also that Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is right around the corner, so look for a review for that, maybe even the 3DS version, when I finish it up.

Keep checking back, I’m still here with the goal to make this the single greatest resource for all things comic book video game.

Blair Farrell

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