Venom has gone through quite the transformation in the past few years. What started out as an alternate costume for Spider-Man turned into one of the wall-crawlers most deadly foes when he discovered it was an alien costume trying to take over him. The situation soured even further when Peter Parker got rid of the symbiote and it bonded to Eddie Brock, turning it into one of his deadliest foes, Venom.

Over the years the alien has left Eddie Brock and bonded with other hosts, but its found a permanent residence as of late in Corporal Eugene “Flash” Thompson who has used the alien as a force for good, most recently as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. In the most recent story of the ongoing Guardians of the Galaxy series, the space faring team find themselves visiting the home world of the symbiotes, where Flash’s partner has been given a new redesign that may look familiar to fans of Disney Infinity:



venom figure


The new redesign comes courtesy of artist Valerio Schiti, who was given the task by Guardians writer Brian Michael Bendis to redesign Venom for the new generation of fans who have come to know him more as a hero than as the villain he once was. Upon being given the task, Schiti was told by Bendis that the figure/character model of Venom as he appears in Disney Infinity 2.0 would be a good way in which to lay the foundation of how the character would look in the immediate future.

You can check out Venom’s new look in Guardians of the Galaxy #23, available on comic store shelves and digitally now.



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