The big news yesterday if you’re a comic fan, especially a fan of Marvel books, is that the traditional Marvel Universe, designated 616, will collide with the Ultimate Marvel Universe which will cause them to cease existing as we know them today after the upcoming Secret Wars event that kicks off in May. In their place will be one universe that will consist of various aspects of both universes amalgamated into one. This isn’t the first time that Marvel has pulled off a Secret Wars event, with the first dating all the way back to May 1984, a special month for me as it was when I came to be (SEND PRESENTS).

What made Secret Wars such as big deal over 30 years ago was that it brought together nearly every major hero and villain in the Marvel camp and would kick-start company wide cross-over events that still exist today, for better or for worse. What you might also remember from the first Secret Wars is that it was Marvel’s first real push into the action figure market, with the event actually set up as a way to promote a series of action figures, play-sets and vehicles from toy maker, Mattel.

The end repercussions may be different this time around, but Marvel is still keen on getting a lot of merchandise onto shelves for the 2015 Secret Wars: Hasbro, Funko, UpperDeck,and others will be among the companies releasing products to celebrate easily one of the most important stories in Marvel’s history. Marvel’s PR agent Chris D’Lando also stated that Marvel’s interactive wing will have something in store as well, though was vague on the details.

While I would be incredibly excited over an announcement that Marvel has been secretly developing a giant Marvel game to-end-all Marvel game’s Secret Wars tie-in, I have a hunch that this means we’ll be either getting either a group of Secret Wars themed events in things like Marvel Heroes, Avengers Alliance and other free-to-play games, or a new Secret Wars free-to-play mobile game likened to last fall’s Marvel: Contest of Champions.




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