Ever since I started producing content for this site back in 2012, it’s always been difficult for me to determine what to cover and what does it mean to be a comic book game. An easy example of course would be super hero games from “The Big 2″”: Marvel and DC, but what about things like The Walking Dead? It is after all based on a comic book so that should fall within parameters, right? What about the awesome downloadable beat-em-up Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World?

tmnt nes cover

The closest anyone has ever come to pure TMNT is the cover of this game that’s more detested than loved.


One of the big sticking points for me has always been the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series of games, because personally I learned about the Turtles like most through the animated series and think of the franchise on the whole as an empire that had since veered from its humble roots as a comic book. Technically speaking though, TMNT did start as a comic book property, so therefore shouldn’t all games therein be fair game? I can only think of one Turtles game that wasn’t based on either an animated series or a film, 2013’s TMNT: Out of the Shadows, but that being said, most games starring Batman with the rare exception were based on either a version of the character from either a film or animated series, just like the Turtles.

With that distinction in mind, my initial definition of what will be covered here has since broadened in the last little while to include anything that began life as a comic book, hence why you saw reviews of The Rocketeer on NES and SNES posted last week. Yes, both are based on the film and not the comic of the same name, but just like Batman: The Video Game on NES, The Rocketeer is still a property with its origins in comics. That’s precisely why I also ordered a copy of The Mask on SNES online and picked up Dick Tracy on NES over the weekend at my local used game store. Speaking of which, I forgot to mention in the post of what’s coming this year that June 15th will mark the 25th anniversary of the release of Dick Tracy in theatres so look forward to not one, not two, but three Dick Tracy reviews on that day.

What’s great about building content for this site is that just when I think about I’m nearing the end of my collection, I’m always reminded of something that I previously had never thought of: Sam and Max? Coming at some point when I can fit it in. The Tick? as much as I’m not looking forward to it, sure! If someone wants to bequeath me a Sega Saturn at a reasonable price I’d track down a copy of Scud: The Disposable Assassin to review it.

scud cover

Really the only limit of what I will/will not cover is my available funds and time. As always until further notice this entire site is run out of my own pocket and I have to work a full time job to be able to afford to A) live and B) afford more games to cover. Even with those restrictions though, I hope everyone looks forward to whatever I can cook up in my mind to put on this site. Just like how you may venture out of your comfort zone to pick up a comic that doesn’t feature a super hero, I hope to spotlight some games that are more than just super hero related.

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