When it arrives in January of 2016, Lego Marvel’s The Avengers will be the first console Marvel game to feature content inspired by Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But Phase Two is sssoooo 2015, what about 2016, in particular, the hotly anticipated Captain America: Civil War? While Lego Marvel’s The Avengers will release months to Civil War, which doesn’t drop in May, the recent announcement of a Season Pass could very well mean that we could possibly play a Lego-fied version of the conflict between the super powered community. Right now at least, TT Games is focusing on finishing up the main game, but won’t rule out the possibility. In an interview with IGN, assistant director of the title at TT Games had this to say:

“Stay tuned, I guess…Obviously we’ve now got on record we’ve done a season pass previously with DLC. But at this point we’re still focussing on the main game, putting the finishing touches on it, and we just want to get the main game out there and make it as good as it can.As for anything in the future, you can never say never at this point in time.”

Not only has the MCU grown in the world of films, but in the realm of TV as well, specifically via streaming services like Netflix where series such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones have both been beloved not only by critics, but fans as well. Given the dark tone of the Netflix series, older players shouldn’t expect to see those takes on the characters in the upcoming game, however they will still make an appearance, albeit in a slightly lighter iteration. From Sharples:

“So yeah, it is a case of when something like that happens we always do go back to the origin, the comic book origin, because ultimately the comic books are where all these guys come from. With Jessica Jones, it’s a similar one: she’s come out of nowhere to be really popular now, but Jessica Jones in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers will be her superhero alter-ego Jewel – she’s named Jessica Jones but her costume will be the purple-haired superheroine who’s kind of a failed hero… which leads to her getting involved with a certain guy played by David Tennant.With things like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and even Luke Cage, who I know pops up in that show, he pops up in the game too but takes the form – he’s actually got a LEGO minifig; it’s his Powerman design. So if yeah, if something like that comes round, it’s just too violent then we always revert to the classic comic book version.”




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