If you’re a fan of comic book characters and toys-to-life games, today is a BIG, and quite expensive day. For Lego Dimensions and DC Comics fans, the Superman and Aquaman Fun Packs are available. Each cost $14.99 and give the respective characters and a vehicle. I’m looking forward very much to finally getting both characters so 1) I can get a flying character who’s not Wonder Woman because I’m sick of hearing the theme of the 70’s show, and 2) Aquaman’s unique ability has stopped me from getting a lot of gold bricks in both the stages and adventure worlds. It doesn’t hurt that I’m also a huge fan of both characters either.

Marvel fans finally get a new Marvel game for Disney Infinity 3.0 with the release of the Marvel Battlegrounds play setThe new expansion not only comes with an excellent new First Avenger Captain America figure, but a new Marvel four-player fighting game with roots in the Capcom developed Dreamcast era 3-D fighter, Power Stone. Launching alongside Battlegrounds are four new figures: Ant-Man, Black Panther, Symbiote Spider-Man (a repaint of the Spider-Man figure that came with the 2.0 Ultimate Spider-Man play set that was eventually released with the PS Vita port of the game last year) and Vision. A new Marvel set of Power Discs is also coming to Infinity that can be used with the new play set and figures: Cosmic Cube Blast, Dark Hawk’s Blast, Nova Corps Strike and Ghost Rider’s Motorcycle. Marvel Battlegrounds will set you back $34.99; the four new figures are $16.99 a piece while the Power Discs come as a bundle for $11.99.

Which figures are you planning to pick up today?

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