This month saw the last Lego Dimensions Level Pack released in the Midway Arcade level and after May 10th, all of the game’s remaining Fun Packs (a character plus a vehicle) will be the last of the announced add-on content for WB and TT Games’ first toys-to-life game. So what’s next then after that? According to some investigative reporting, it looks like two new unannounced DC Characters may be making their way to the game that we didn’t know about. The characters? Green Arrow and Supergirl:

GA super girl lego dimensions

The first piece of evidence was uncovered on Reddit where screenshots appeared showing the duo in the game. This was unlocked using an NFC (the technology used to bring the characters to life in the game) generator. Evidence was also uncovered on the Lego Support website that showed the pieces used to assemble Supergirl (her hair, torso, cape and legs). As far as abilities go, the two make sense as they’re not that difficult to insert into the game without breaking it. If indeed true, Supergirl will more than likely have the same abilities as her cousin who was released a few weeks ago, and Green Arrow could probably function fairly similar to Legolas from Lord of the Rings. 

As far as DC characters go, I’ll definitely pick up both of these if this rumour becomes fact. I’m holding out for The Flash and Captain Cold, though their abilities aren’t really built into the main game like Supergirl and Green Arrow and will probably be held for a possible Lego Dimensions 2. So far there’s no characters with a cold ability and The Flash would eliminate the need for any vehicles in the adventure world ground races, just like Quicksilver did in Lego Marvel’s The Avengers. 



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