With the prelude to Civil War now over with just a week until Captain America: Civil War his theatres, a countdown has begun: The Countdown to Apocalypse. All throughout the month of May and leading up to the release of Fox’s X-Men: Apocalypse, I’ll be shining the spotlight on games where Apocalypse features prominently. Expect reviews of the following games on the dates provided below:

MAY 6TH: X-MEN LEGENDS 2: RISE OF APOCALYPSE (GAMECUBE): This continues my year-long feature of looking at the best Marvel console games ever that also happens to be one of Apocalypse’s greatest starring roles as the title villain in an X-Men video game.

MAY 13TH: X-MEN: MUTANT APOCALYPSE (SNES): The first game to ever feature Apocalypse’s name in the title, even though he ends up not being the final boss, also marked the playable debut of Psylocke who also plays an important role in X-Men: Apocalypse. 

MAY 20TH: MARVEL COMICS X-MEN VS. STREET FIGHTER AND MARVEL SUPER HEROES VS. STREET FIGHTER (PSOne): Unlike Mutant Apocalypse, both these classic 2-D fighters in the beloved Vs. Series feature Apocalypse as the final boss to master in the arcade mode.

MAY 27TH: X-MEN: REIGN OF APOCALYPSE (GAME BOY ADVANCE): Activision’s attempt at emulating Konami’s classic arcade game on the then new Game Boy Advance hardware features an alternate universe where the title character has finally defeated the X-Men.

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