The Injustice 2 trailer is out and the game is now officially announced and set to arrive in 2017. The most we can infer from the two-minute announce trailer other than the existence of the game of course is that we’ll once again see the return of Batman, Superman, The Flash,  as well as Aquaman and that Supergirl will become a new playable character. But what of the strange, armour variants that look like at best possible new characters, or at worst the short-lived Total Justice line of action figures from the mid-90’s? Tyler Lansdown, the community specialist at Netherrealm Studios, spoke to the PlayStation Blog about what these shifting suits mean and how they’re implemented into the game.

Injustice 2 will introduce a mechanic known as the “Gear System” which will being RPG elements into the game. Playing the game will reward loot drops that will give new armour parts to your heroes and villains, allowing you to not only customize your characters appearance, but how they play. What this means is that you, your friend, or really anyone can become professional Aquaman players yet each have your own distinct Aquaman that plays uniquely from one another.

Keep checking back here for all the news as it unfolds for Injustice 2.


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