Injustice 2 has a diverse roster of DC characters with returning fighters from the original Injustice: Gods Among Us among new comers like Swamp Thing and Supergirl. Over the course of the year I’m sure more characters will come to the game, including the already announced Starfire, Red Hood and Sub-Zero and possibly even guest characters like Spawn and Hellboy. One character that sadly didn’t make the cut was the Milestone character, Static, who was drawn up and ready to be added to the game according to character designer Marco Nelor:

On his Instagram account Nelor wrote:

So sad about this one. He was all cleaned up and ready to go, but unfortunately Static didn’t make the cut for #injustice2 … damn. I had him all worked out too. Oh well. Enjoy !”

There’s always the chance that Static could show up later on as a DLC fighter but with his design being allowed to be shared on social media the chances of that happening are probably slim. There’s always an Injustice 3, as given how excellent the second chapter of the franchise is it will most certainly happen.



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