NOTE: The author of this article is a contributor to the Kickstarter campaign for Battle Chasers: Nightwar.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar, the crowd-funded continuation of the Battle Chasers comic series, is heavily inspired by classic JRPG’s, something that couldn’t be more evident from the latest trailer for the game due October 3rd for PS4, Xbox One and PC and the Nintendo Switch at a later date. The latest trailer doesn’t show off the game, but rather is an animated trailer put together by Powerhouse, the same studio that crafted the recently released Castlevania Netflix series. As CD technology came to be, developers added started adding animated intros to games, whether it was things like the 2-D animated intro to the Lunar games on Sega CD or the beautiful CG intros for Final Fantasy on the original PlayStation, which is the vibe I`m sure this minute-and-a-half video is going for. The trailer shows all the cast in action, and introduces a new character: Alumon the Devil Hunter. Check it out:


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