Each of the six Infinity Gems, or Stones as they’re referred to now, provide their wielder with near Godlike power, but when combined, like as they were in the classic story The Infinity Gauntlet and next week’s highly anticipated Marvel Avengers: Infinity War, their combined might is multiplied to even greater proportions with their master being able to rewrite the laws of the universe itself. Across ten years and eighteen films the overarching narrative in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has been the behind the scenes hunt for the Infinity Stones by Thanos and other ambitious parties. Said stones have been appearing in Marvel video games going all the way to the 1995 release of Marvel Super Heroes in arcades and the titles that feature the Infinity Stones, whether as a gameplay mechanic or in their narrative, have a characteristic about them that makes them the ideal holder of one of the six powerful artifacts.  Which Marvel game holds what Stone and what is the title that houses the gauntlet strong enough to hold their destructive force?



WIELDER: Disney Infinity

Marvel video games have let the player use the Infinity Stones as power-ups, but there’s only one video game that lets you wield Thanos’ mitt: Disney Infiinity 2.0. One of Disney Infinity’s extra items you could purchase were called Power Discs. You placed the discs under your character on the game’s portal to give them added abilities. One such disc, and the most powerful one in the game, was the Infinity Gauntlet. Slotting this rare disc under your character enveloped them in a force field that instantly killed all non-boss enemies on screen. So powerful is the Infinity Gauntlet in Disney Infinity 2.0 that without purchasing an upgrade within your character’s skill tree, it takes up to eight minutes for its power to recharge.



WIELDER: Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet

In the films, the Soul Stone is the only one whose present location is unknown, but in the comics, its main power is that it controls power over life and death with it also containing within itself a pocket dimension where the souls of characters like Adam Warlock and Gamora have resided. Of the games that feature Infinity Stones, 2010’s Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet matches this trait in that its the only game that features a smaller version of itself. The main version of the game was released on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii and featured a kid friendly loose take on The Infinity Gauntlet with the campaign featuring the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Spider-Man questing to get the Infinity Stones before Thanos does. A unique, paired down version of the game was released on the Nintendo DS in 2010 and eventually the Nintendo 3DS in 2011, existing as the pocket universe of sorts to the console game of the same name.



WIELDER: Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles

The Time Stone grants its user dominion over time itself, and nothing says back in time like a good ol’ fashion game of pinball! In Zen Studios’ Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles collection is a table based on The Infinity Gauntlet. Not only is the feeling of playing pinball nostalgic, but the table is a loving send up to its source material as well. Thanos of course is featured heavily on the table with him standing tall in the top right corner with the words “GOD” carved in stone behind him. The table design also features characters in their classic outfits like the brown-and-tan Wolverine and X-Factor Cyclops and a slew of classic cosmic Marvel characters adorning the back of the virtual cabinet.



WIELDER: Marvel Super Heroes in War of the Gems

Manipulation of the Space Stone allows individuals and items to teleport across long distances as well as break the laws of physics to perform acts like increasing speed. Marvel Super Heroes in War of the Gems on the SNES features a plot that sees the Infinity Stones descending to earth and Adam Warlock recruiting a team of Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, Wolverine and Iron Man to locate them before the likes of Magus and Thanos can possess them. In their hunt of the stones, the team has to teleport all across the globe to places like Doctor Doom’s home of Latveria and an aquarium in Boston (significantly less dangerous I’m sure).


WIELDER: Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 

Increasing the power of well, the mind, the Mind Stone is found within Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. One of the games multiplayer arenas has the Infinity Gauntlet hovering over it with Stones being dropped into the field within a match. To win, players must be mindful of their surroundings and get to the Stones before their opponent to increase their chance of survival. A future update to Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 will bring a level and characters inspired by Marvel Avengers: Infinity War where once again success in completing the level and finding all its hidden collectibles will require some mental processing. Or just smashing everything in sight, whatever comes first.


WIELDER: Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite

While not the first Capcom fighting game to feature the Infinity Stones, Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite was the first one to feature a campaign that revolved completely around them. The Reality Stone grants the wishes of its user, creating the impossible. The plot of Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite has Mega Man X main antagonist physically merging with Marvel villain Ultron to form Ultron Sigma via the power of the Reality Stone. The merged entity then beings the joining of the Marvel and Capcom universes in a plot to rule both with the heroes, and villains, on both camps forming an uneasy alliance to halt the destruction of their respective universes. Infinite allows players to use all six Infinity Stones in matches, but no game emphasis the Reality Stone more so than this one with its universe bending plot line.



WIELDER: Marvel Super Heroes

The Power Stone’s name speaks for itself, granting its user increased power. Before Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite and War of the Gems, Capcom’s arcade fighter Marvel Super Heroes allowed players to use the Infinity Stones for the first time with matches often coming down to who gets to them and uses them the fastest. In the end though, the purpose of each match is to over power your opponent and win, which makes Marvel Super Heroes the ideal candidate for possession of the Power Stone.


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