Greg Sewart, a former writer for EGM, co-host of the Player One Podcast and creator of the fantastic video series Generation 16 is raising money for the IWK Health Foundation in Halifax, NS and your help would be greatly appreciated. Greg streams on his Twitch channel all year round: normally on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in aid of the IWK Health Foundation which helps raise money for sick children in need. Throughout the year, Greg will also do longer streams: this past April for example he streamed all of the mainline Mega Man games, and he has his final big stream for the year scheduled for November 3rd, 2018.

The theme of the final stream this year  is games from the Sega Mega Drive – Genesis – in celebration of the consoles thirtieth anniversary in Japan. The stream will run for 25 hours – it falls on daylight savings time – and save an hour in which Greg’s son has generously agreed to stream Fortnite to help, every other hour will be decided by donors. How does that work you might ask? A donation of $50 or more buys an hour in which you can select a game from Greg’s collection, which is quite extensive, for him to play and I’m more than sure there’s a comic book game or two to choose from.

Leading up to the stream, and even afterwards, consider tuning into one of Greg’s Twitch streams at the listed days and telling others about it as well. They start at 9:30PM EST and the community that Greg has developed is one of the friendliest and best places to visit on Twitch.

Donate HERE

Go to Greg’s Twitch channel HERE


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