Marvel’s Gamerverse – a brand used for products and tie-in products related to their video game projects – will grow a little bit more next year with a line of 6-inch action figures inspired by the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers. Marvel Games, via their Twitter account, shared the news with a look at the first figure in the line: Iron Man.

If Marvel’s Spider-Man is any indication, this will be the first of many toys based on the hotly anticipated game. Insomniac’s Game of the Year nominee not only had a Marvel Legends figure featuring the new suit design created for the game, but also a two-pack 3.75-inch set featuring the villain Mr. Negative, multiple Funko POP! Vinyl collectibles and the game even got the Hot Toys treatment.

If you want to see how far action figures based on Marvel video games have come, check out this piece from a few Holiday seasons ago.

Marvel’s Avengers arrives May 15th, 2020 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC.


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