The dream is dead…

Not quite, Onslaught.

In 2012, I started Comic Games Assemble, a website dedicated to looking at video games inspired by comic books. Comic Gamers Assemble was the first title that came into my mind, partially born out of my own hype for Marvel’s The Avengers and a desire to unite players who shared my love of digital superhero escapades. With what little knowledge of web design I possessed, I birthed my site, and if you could have seen what it looked like originally, your eyes more than likely wouldn’t be able to stare at the screen for very long. I knew the words within my articles were good, and getting better with each piece I wrote, but I knew I needed a better look. That’s largely why throughout a lot of 2013 I chose to set up accounts on other sites to host my articles, though I would eventually end up porting most of those pieces back here because I wanted to retain ownership of my work.

A few years ago with the help of a friend, I gave my site a make over with a new logo and banner, and while I’m forever grateful for what they produced, I still wasn’t quite satisfied. As I started to meet and befriend creators with interests similar to mine and saw what they were doing – their work, logos and names – I knew once again that I had to evolve my site. Just as major publishers update and refresh their books with new number one issues, so to must I with this site.

Which brings us to now.

Comic Gamers Assemble is dead. Long live Comic Book Video Games.

Comic Book Video Games will still house all of the past material from Comic Gamers Assemble, just in a far more attractive wrapper. A big thanks goes to Adam Leonhardt from Mega Dads for the new logo and banner. I will admit to shedding a tear or two as I saw the pieces come in one by one. If you wish to commission Adam’s talents, follow him on twitter to find out when they’re open again. Trust me, his work is worth every cent.

As for the future of this newly minted refresh, I hope to continue offering the same coverage of all things related to comic book video games as I have in the past. I also cannot wait to share projects very much in this site’s wheelhouse that I’m not allowed to talk about just yet, but I’ll let everyone know when I can. In hopes in that it will light a fire under me, I recently came into possession of a capture card and hope to do things with video soon, especially Twitch streams of the many, many comic book games I have in my collection.

Welcome, to Comic Book Video Games. I hope you survive the experience.

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