WB Games announced two new DC Comics titles over the weekend, neither of which featured Wonder Woman in a starring role, But, if you want  a want a slick console with a Wonder Woman 1984 motif, Microsoft has got you covered. By simply retweeting the contest post from the official Xbox twitter account, you enter yourself in a chance to win an orange Xbox One X topped with the Lasso of Truth and a psychedelic Wonder Woman logo.

If you have the cash and wish to support Together for Her, they’ll be auctioning off a golden Xbox themed after Wonder Woman’s new look in Wonder Woman 1984. There’s a third Xbox, inspired by WW84 antagonist Cheetah, however details on how to obtain it were not provided. If you decide to enter the contest or bid, bear in mind that these consoles are all decorative, however winners will also be provided with a standard Xbox One X console.

You can get contest details HERE.

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