The rumor and speculation has finally been confirmed as Marvel has officially announced Avengers: Battle for Earth coming this fall to Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii U from Ubisoft and developer Ubisoft Quebec.

No screens or gameplay details have been announced about the game, but the press release states that the game is inspired by the Secret Invasion storyline, and will feature Avengers such as Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America along with up to 20 other heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe.

What’s of most concern is the comment in the press release that states “…commitment to making the “Avengers: Battle for Earth” the best in the motion-controlled gaming category.” Does this mean that this is a Kinect only experience, or a better with Kinect game? If it’s running on both Kinect and Wii U, it leads me to theorize that some control input has to take place as both systems have two unique takes on motion control, being full body and remote based respectively. Personally, I don’t want any type of motion control whatsoever, but I’ll wait to see what they come up with.

It’s also worth speculating if this is a continuation of the work that was already underway at THQ. In the video that was leaked, the Skrulls were visible and the press release states Secret Invasion as an inspiration, which was a big Marvel event featuring the iconic shape changing aliens.

With a fall release and E3 just around the corner, expect more news in the not too distant future.

Link for Marvel Press Release

Games Official Site

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