I can’t think of any hotter property in the world right now than the Avengers. The movie is doing fantastic (both critically and financially) and rumors are buzzing about an assembly of earth’s mightiest heroes in a new videogame. I’ve talked about the Marvel Cinematic Universe games in the “Assembling the Avengers (Games)” articles, but now it’s time to separate the best from the worst.

#5: Iron Man

The worst Avengers tie-in game also happens to be the first one released. Iron Man has the potential to be a great videogame character, with his wide variety of weapons and flying capability, but this effort does little justice to the character. Level design is boring and frustrating and controls leave a lot to be desired. This version of the armored Avenger is mostly rusty.

#4: Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 fixes a lot of problems found with it’s predecessor, but it is still an overall lackluster product. The game is short (around 3-4 hours to complete) and has a confusing upgrade system that you won’t truly figure out until you’re halfway done the game. On the plus side the character of Iron Man controls a lot better, the story is pretty decent (written by current Iron Man scribe Matt Fraction) and it is a somewhat enjoyable game but it’s still a little creaky in the hinges.

#3: Thor: God of Thunder

Much like Iron Man, Thor has the potential to be a great videogame franchise. The world the character inhabits are varied and interesting from a visual and gameplay standpoint, Thor’s supporting cast is larger than life and it’s already been proven with God of War that a mythological based action series can be successful. Thor tries its best to be a “God of Thor” type experience but doesn’t quite get there due to poor control response times and an extremely uneven difficulty. For the patient, Thor: God of Thunder can be fun, it’s a real shame of the lost potential found within.

#2: The Incredible Hulk

In 2005, developer Radical entertainment released the Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and it was a (pardon the pun) SMASH hit. When it came to bringing the Hulk back to the videogame world as a tie-in to 2008’s the Incredible Hulk, Sega wisely decided that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The Incredible Hulk is more or less a bare bones version of Ultimate Destruction, but it is a fun experience none the less, despite a few game freezing bugs and lackluster voice acting from Edward Norton. Hulk jumps, smashes and is strongest there is, what more could you ask for?

#1: Captain America: Super Solider

I don’t think I can say anything more about this game, it really is a great and underrated game for fans of the character. Maybe you can consider me a little biased as I am a huge fan of the character, but pick up the game and let it speak for itself. It rivals the likes of Spider-Man 2 as one of the greatest superhero film tie-in games.

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