I’m surprised it’s taken this long for something like this to surface.

Amazon Germany has posted a listing for a complete edition of last year’s Batman: Arkham Origins for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC to be released on August 21st. Though the listing doesn’t provide any details, one can safely assume it will collect all the extra costumes and challenge maps from the season pass, as well as the Cold, Cold Heart story DLC and perhaps the download only Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe. Not surprising in the least is an absense of a Wii U version, even though the game did launch on that platform last year, as WB Games refunded Wii U owners who purchased the season pass after they announced they would stop supporting future DLC, causing Wii U players to miss out on Cold, Cold Heart.

Both Arkham Asylum and  City received “Game of the Year” complete collections: Asylum having some extra costumes and challenge maps while City also had the Harley Quinn’s Revenge story DLC with a bonus download for the Batman: Year One animated feature. Last year’s DC themed fighter from WB Games, Injustice: Gods Among Us, also received a complete edition collecting all of the bonus costumes and download only extra fighters.

I’m assuming its taken this long for this collection to be unveiled, albeit unofficially, is because Batman: Arkham Origins is the black sheep of the “Arkham” family, not only due to the fact that it wasn’t developed by series creator Rocksteady, but because it didn’t achieve the critical nor commercial success of its siblings despite being a solid addition to the series in my opinion. It’s also for those reasons that it’s not shocking, though admittedly unwelcome, that there’s no rumoured complete collection up port on the PS4/Xbox One, similar to Injustice: Gods Among us and Telltale’s upcoming seasons of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, all examples of games not released on the current generation of hardware but will see release on them shortly.

batman arkham origins complete edition




  1. I hate Batman, what am I doing here!?

    I took a look at the listing to see if there were any hints as to what is included, but the product description only lists gameplay features that I’m fairly certain were available in the base game. Considering you can buy all three games for €39,99 the €39,95 price tag seems a bit high if there aren’t a ton of bonuses included.

    Perhaps they’re only bringing it out now this fall because Arkham Knight got delayed? Took a look at their listing for the upcoming game, and noticed it’s priced at €69,00. We joke that new games are costing $100, but that is legit $100 Canadian, not the $75-80 we pay.


    • When Jody was in Australia he posted a picture of Black Ops 2 brand new and it $109 or something like that.


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