Let me be perfectly clear about something regarding this list: All of the levels in the Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Season Pass are well worth playing and there’s not a dud in the bunch. This list is a personal preference and what you should consider playing first if you’re late to the party.


75th anniversary image

I didn’t dislike this pack, as stated above, I liked all of the levels in the Season Pass, but despite the awesome Batman trivia found within, this is the stage I found myself liking the least. The two main characters in the campaign, Harley Quinn and Joker, have been in other Lego Batman games and The Joker plays a main role in this game’s campaign as well. The level itself is also fairly short, just spanning one area.



The Dark Knight is a really cool level and a great parody of the scene in the film where The Joker is wrecking havoc with a rocket launcher in his truck. While the material is handled really well with some terrific jokes, especially given how serious the source material is, what you get is another Batman stage when there’s already been two complete Lego Batman games already. Props must be given though as this is the only way to play any part of The Dark Knight as a video game.


Bizarro World cover

The Bizarro universe is a terrific fit for the Lego series of games, as the concept of the Bizarro world is an opposite of what the norm usually is, which is something Lego games tend to by taking established properties and having fun with them. The included characters: Bizarro, Bizarro, Batzarro and Greenzarro are great, my personal favourite being Greenzarro who is a coward, but the level is over before it has a chance to really begin, and I wish that more was done with the concept, like destroying Lego objects to progress as opposed to constructing them. The big bad, Darkseid, is also nowhere to be seen and an odd choice to be included here as a throw away freeplay character.


lego man of steel

I’m glad TT Games didn’t tackle the landmine that is the final climatic battle in the Man of Steel, as I think enough has been said about it and I can’t think of a way they could have done it and be family friendly, plus Superman already has a big role in Lego Batman 3 as it is. The choice to have the level set at the start of the film and have the player controlling Jor-El is fantastic, plus I loved the characters voice over, poking fun at Russell Crowe and thinking he’s Maximus from Gladiator.


the squad dlc

Coming off of the Bizarro World stage, The Squad corrected a lot of problems I had with some of these DLC levels. It was decently long (three areas) and all the characters got a chance to do something within the main stage. A lot of the characters are unlockable in the main game in some form or another, but the new costumes inspired from the New 52 redesigns are great and the choice of casting the actress who plays Amanda Waller, the command leader of the Suicide Squad, on Arrow was a nice Easter egg. Speaking of Arrow…


arrow dlc pic

When it was announced that Stephen Amell was going to play Oliver Queen in Lego Batman 3, I was overjoyed, but not so much when I completed the game and the only time I heard his voice was in a throwaway joke in the credits. It was up to the Arrow add-on content to hear the actor play his digital Lego counterpart, and if you don’t buy the Season Pass, at least get this level. While on the short side, the island setting is a welcome change of pass from the cities, space ships and planets from the main game and Amell poking fun at himself through Lego Green Arrow just needs to be heard. Vehicles didn’t play a huge role in Lego Batman 3 other than winning a few gold bricks via races on Oa, but the Arrow cycle vehicle is of the best unlockable vehicles in Lego game history, regardless of what you choose to do with it.


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