That’s a wrap, folks.

With the release of The Squad this week, all of the playable content for Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham has been released. During the launch of the game last fall three parts of the Season Pass were already available: Man of Steel, The Dark Knight and the Batman 75th Anniversary stage and even with just those three available, it was easy to recommended paying the $14.99 for the Season Pass. Now with everything said and done, not only do I stand by my first statement, it’s only been reinforced more.

lego man of steel

For just $14.99 the Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Season Pass gives you six more stages with additional trophies/achievements to unlock, new characters to play as, and new vehicles to control like the Arrow cycle (push the horn button for a treat). Each of the levels including freeplay will give you anywhere between a half-an-hour to forty-five minutes of extra gameplay, so in total you’re getting another three hours for just fifteen dollars along with a game that will take you at least thirty hours if you’re planning to get absolutely everything. Not a bad bit of value.

arrow dlc pic

What the Season Pass does more so than the proper game is exploring the expanded DC Universe. The subtitle Beyond Gotham is indeed fitting for the main game, but a huge chunk of time is spent either on Brainaic’s ship or on the Lantern planets, making this a combination of a Green Lantern/Batman game more so than a DC Universe title: You get to spend time in the backwards Bizarro universe in Bizarro World, Lian Yu in the Arrow content and Krypton during its final days in the Man of Steel. Though over half the stages are dedicated to expanded universe TV shows and films, each dive into another part of the greater DC Universe left unexplored on the disc.

A complaint against DC’s handling of their film/TV projects is that they can often get too dark, compared to a company like Marvel that tends to keep things lighter. Those people should be thankful that a company like TT Games exist to riff on some of the more serious parts of the DC Universe. Whether its Jor-El confusing himself with Maximus, Alfred wondering where The Joker got all his scarves, or Oliver Queen himself Stephen Amell poking fun at the some of the more melodramatic moments of the show he stars on, I found it impossible not to be smiling the entire time I had my control in my hand playing these additional levels.

The only real downside I can say about the Lego Batman 3 Season Pass is that I honestly wish there was more of it, either with more stages or lengthening the ones that already exist. I could’ve easily spent several hours in the Arrow level alone, maybe moving things out of the island and into Starling City to team up with Arsenal and Black Canary; The same can be said of the backwards Bizarro universe and the Bizarro league. That all being said, it’s impossible to look a gift horse in the mouth and more Lego is always a good thing. With Lego Marvel’s The Avengers slated for this fall, I hope that whatever lessons were learned from this game’s Season Pass can be applied to that title for hopes of seeing additional levels covering some of the other non-Avengers Marvel films. What more can I say that I haven’t said in all the other reviews: If you’re a Lego fan, a DC fan, or both, go pick up the Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham season pass if you haven’t done so already. I swear you won’t be disappointed.


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