the squad dlc

The Suicide Squad have been getting quite the push from DC over the past couple of years: they were teased in 2013’s Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate; They shared the spotlight with Batman in the direct-to-DVD feature Batman: Assault on ArkhamA version of the team appeared on The CW’s Arrow TV-series and who could forget the theatrical feature film set to hit next year starring the likes of Will Smith and Jared Leto. Rounding out the Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Season Pass is a level dedicated to the team, with the “Suicide” removed (this is a family game after all) that just happens to fix a lot of the issues I’ve had with previous parts of the Lego Batman 3 Season Pass content, namely length and character utilization.

A break-in attempt by outside forces at Belle Reve penitentiary prompts Amanda Waller to assemble a new version of “The Squad” to handle the threat. Waller equips a number of team members with “special collars” to make sure they don’t try to escape, placing Deadshot in charge of  fellow inmates including Harley Quinn, El Diablo, Deathstroke, and King Shark. The entire level is narrated by the head of the squad, Amanda Waller, and once again TT Games utilized the cast of Arrow to effect like they did in that extra level, bringing in Cynthia Addai-Robinson who plays the same character on that show. There’s no attempt to link this in with Arrow, though a few of the team members have appeared on the show, but it’s a nice Easter egg none the less.

the squad

An issue I had with the last Season Pass level, Bizarro World, was that the level provided a lot of extra characters that had nothing to do with the stage, which is not the case here, in fact there’s almost too many characters at play. Each has a part to play: Captain Boomerang destroys silver blocks; El Diablo melts gold blocks and King Shark is the big-fig character, but other characters like Katana seem to be pointlessly added as they’ve never been associated with the Suicide Squad and their role in completing the level is performed by Deadshot. Some of the characters like Harley Quinn are already in the proper game, but it’s nice to see them in their newly designed Squad outfits from the New 52 redesign.

harley quinn the squad

The level itself is very reminiscent of the prison break level from Lego Marvel Super Heroes and is of the longest of the Season Pass levels, stretching over three areas which is a good thing given the size of the team at play. You can also blast through it pretty quickly in freeplay mode to snag those extra trophies should you wish, bypassing a lot of parts with Batman and Robin alone.

As far as the Lego Batman 3 add-on levels go, The Squad is of the best as it will take you the longest to finish and gives a lot of members of the team something to do, unlike the Bizarro World and Arrow levels that saved most of the characters for freeplay. Whether you just heard about them in Arrow, from the announcement of the new movie or have been a long time fan, The Squad is a must play like all of the other levels that came before it.


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