Wanting to cash in on the Deadpool buzz being generated from the upcoming movie and not wanting to make a new game, publisher Activision is releasing a HD re-master of 2013’s Deadpool on both the PS4 and Xbox One this November. The kicker? It’s going to be sold as a $50 game, which is a steep price point as the game wasn’t sold $10 less than what games were selling for when it was brand new. Though it does come with all the post release DLC, that only amounts to a few challenge maps and two costumes.

If you haven’t played Deadpool, you can read my review HERE, but in summary it’s a terrific action game with a lot of great humour, however it’s a little anemic when it comes to bonus content and replay value. If you missed it in 2013, it’s definitely worth picking up as I’ve heard it’s hard to find on PS3 and Xbox 360, but you might want to consider wanting for the price to come down a little. Given Activision’s record of up-porting games from last gen, specfically speaking of Prototype and Prototype 2, which I might add were sold for the same price as Deadpool by itself, this port could also be less than stellar.


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