With the release of yesterday’s December DLC, we’ve now reached the end of Batman: Arkham Knight’s post launch support. In that time we’ve gotten stand alone expansions starring alternate members of the Bat-Family, race tracks, challenge maps, costumes and Batmobile skins, all at a cost of course. There is one new Easter Egg that was revealed however, that cannot be bought, only earned. If a player manages to reach a total completion percentage of 240%: two full times through the game, once in normal mode and again in new game plus, doing all side activities including collecting ALL of the Riddler trophies twice and finishing the Season of Infamy: Most Wanted DLC, you’ll gain access to a bat-suit with a golden emblem on the chest.

gold armor batman

While it’s nice that Rocksteady bothered to include this, it’s personally something I don’t think I’ll ever see. It was a daunting task completing the Riddler challenges once and beating New Game +’s story mode alone, let alone searching for all the fire fighters and rounding up all the collectibles a second time. Of course if you’re playing on the PC, you don’t technically have to reach 240% as people have already found a way hack the game’s code and get the new costume.



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