Marvel Heroes Omega, the console conversion of the previously PC only MMO that’s been in beta for several weeks now on PlayStation 4 is about to go live. On May 23rd the game will go out of beta and will then be able to be downloaded and played by everyone on the PlayStation 4, even if you didn’t buy one of the founders packs to get entered into the closed beta. Those who bought into the beta will be able to get a head start on other players with the game unlocking five days early on May 19th. Beta players can play up until May 17th and after that, their progress will be wiped for the following day for the May 19th head start launch. Those who download what’s being called the “Live Edition” will be eligible to download a Daredevil pack from PSN free of charge. Omega will be coming to the Xbox One platform at a later date, however no firm date has been revealed as to when that happen, nor when its closed beta will take place.

Along with the reveal of when the live version of Marvel Heroes Omega will launch, developer Gazillion Entertainment also revealed the trophy list for the game and it’s as follows:

Marvel Heroes Omega Trophies

Trouble at the Raft Defeat Green Goblin in the Prologue Bronze
Cleaning Up the Kitchen Defeat Doctor Octopus in Chapter 1 Bronze
Pursuing the Hood Defeat The Hood in Chapter 2. Bronze
Meet in Madripoor Defeat Elektra in Chapter 3. Bronze
Topple the Kingpin Defeat The Kingpin in Chapter 4. Bronze
Purification Crusade Defeat Juggernaut in Chapter 5. Bronze
Stryker Under Siege Defeat Magneto in Chapter 6. Bronze
Savage Safari Defeat Mister Sinister in Chapter 7. Bronze
A Doomed World Defeat Doctor Doom in Chapter 8. Bronze
Gazillionaire Loot 1,000,000 Credits. Bronze
Duped! Find and Defeat a Cosmic Doop Bronze
Mobile Command Center Visit Six Different Headquarters Bronze
Targeted Frustration Defeat a Training Room Target Dummy. Bronze
Throne of Deceit Defeat Loki in Chapter 9. Silver
Special Ops Complete 14 Different Operations Silver
Next Level Crafting Level any vendor to level 10. Silver
Part-Time Hero Rescue 100 civilians in Midtown Patrol. Silver
Rounding Up Relics Collect any 100 Relics of the same type Silver
Super Hero! Reach level 60 with any hero. Silver
Treasure Hunting Explore all of the Treasure Rooms in each chapter of Story Missions. Silver
The Vault Loot 100 Artifacts. Silver
If They Be Worthy… Complete the Super Heroic Trial with any hero. Silver
Living Legend Complete 25 Legendary Quests. Silver
Mark II Apply a Modification to an Artifact. Silver
Hero for Hire Open 50 Bounty Chests in Operations Silver
Myth No More Fully upgrade a Legendary Item. Silver
Cleaning Up The Streets Defeat 150 Super Villains in Midtown Manhattan. Silver
Going for Gold Loot a Cosmic Medallion Silver
High Noon Defeat 7 Different Super Villians in their Showdowns Silver
All In a Day’s Work Complete 24 Different Special Events in Story Mode Silver
Back to Basics Prestige any Hero. Silver
Strongest One There Is Complete the Cosmic Trial with any hero. Gold
There and Back Again Prestige any Hero twice. Gold
Super Team Get Five Heroes to Level 60. Gold
Beyonder Collected all other Marvel Heroes Omega trophies. Platinum


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