Rogue Trooper Redux, the remaster of the underrated late PS2/Xbox Original game from 2006 based on the Rogue Trooper comic published in 2000 AD has a release date: October 17th. The game remains largely unchanged from the original as the team at Rebellion still had access to the games source code, however there are a few changes other than the upgraded visuals to make it feel more modern. Rogue can now snap to cover without the need of a button press and you can now perform a pulled in, over-the-shoulder aim mode with the freed up button. This fall, and October in particular, is very crowded with new game releases, but to find out why Rogue Trooper Redux shouldn’t be skipped, read my review of the original game for the first Xbox. Watch the comparison video to see the differences between the original title and the remaster below:


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