One of the more fascinating, untold stories in the comic book video game space is what exactly Rocksteady is developing and what’s happening with WB Games’ Batman franchise. From an Arkham Knight sequel featuring Damian Wayne as Batman to a Rocksteady developed Superman game and a Justice League titled for the PlayStation 5 and whatever the next Xbox will be called, no one can say for sure just exactly what’s happening at Rocksteady or what WB has planned for the Dark Knight’s solo outings. Adding to the pile of rumors is that Rocksteady has at least one more Batman outing in them, and it could be revealed as early as next month.

From The Escapist who reported from a rumor posted on Resetera from a user by the name of anonRocksteady, Rocksteady’s next project will be their final farewell to the Batman franchise and will be titled Arkham Universe. It’s reported that the game will be revealed during Microsoft’s X018 event next month and will feature all of the characters you could play as in Batman: Arkham Knight including Batgirl, Catwoman, Nightwing, Robin, and Red Hood with Batwoman being added to the roster. The story is said to be inspired by the Court of Owls arch from writer Scott Snyder that kicked off the New 52 about a secret organization that was secretly ruling Gotham City from the shadows.

A possible new Arkham title from Rocksteady brings mixed feelings as Batman: Arkham Knight brought a sense of finality to the series and you wanted to see what else Rocksteady had in them, whether that was another IP, a new comic book game or something wholly original. That also being said, a new Batman game from Rocksteady is certainly worth getting excited over, and you can rest assured that WB Games has been looking at the hype leading up to the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man and wanting to put themselves back on top with their Batman series that showed the world exactly what a AAA superhero game looked like in the first place.


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