As Marvel’s game division prepares for their next big outing, Marvel’s Avengers, they’ve shown that they haven’t forgotten about the other game they released earlier this summer: the criminally underappreciated Marvel’s Iron Man VR. At no extra cost to the player, a new update for the game, which is available now, will have fans reaching for their headset to take another spin as the Armored Avenger.

Something that unfortunately dragged the Marvel’s Iron Man VR experience down was the lengthy load times. With the latest patch, 1.06, they’ve been reduced by upwards of 30 seconds in areas, and you’ll also be able to bypass cut-scenes without having to enter into a second loading screen too, provided you’ve beaten that mission once already. A few story missions have also become skipable, For the trophy hungry though, you still have to complete all missions.

By now, there’s assuredly some dedicated players who have placed all the trophies on the shelves of Tony’s workplace. A new difficulty mode above “Invincible”, dubbed “Ultimate”, will test your mettle and New Game + allows you to carry over all of your upgrades and research points to give you a fighting chance.

Speaking of research points, you’ll be able to spend them on some new toys like the Continuous Repulsor, which is fairly self explanatory, and the Gravity Bomb that clumps a swarm of enemies together to set them up for a combo attack. The Micro-Swarm is a new tool available for crowd control, and the EM Charge Cannon can bust the bunkers of shielded enemies. New challenges await for you to test these weapons in, and completing them opens up new decals for your armor.

In our review for Marvel’s Iron Man VRwe said it can “easily be considered one of the best comic book games ever made”.

video via Marvel Entertainment YouTube

Marvel’s Iron Man VR is available now, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. PSVR is required to play.


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