Bill Roper is a legendary game designer who has helped bring to life such iconic franchises as Diablo and WarCraft for Blizzard. Recently, Roper was on the Vic’s Basement podcast discussing with host Victor Lucas the incredible career he has had in the industry. You can watch the first part below.

via The Electric Playground Network YouTube

On top of having a legendary run at Blizzard, Roper also did a stint at Disney’s now defunct interactive division where he worked on the three versions of the Disney Infinity franchise. Recently, Bill has started a TikTok account, and if you’re a fan of Disney Infinity who misses the gone-too-soon franchise, you’re going to want to give it a look.

Bill’s TikTok looks at all aspects of the toys-to-life series, but it’s the Marvel side that’s of special interest to lovers of the comic company in the video game space. You can see a never before seen prototype of a never produced base decoration that paid homage to the “Battle of New York” from Marvel’s The Avengers, and also learn why a major Avenger, Wanda Maximoff, never made it into the game.

You can subscribe to Bill’s TikTok HERE.

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