During Square Enix’s presentation at E3, an updated roadmap was laid out for their ongoing service title, Marvel’s Avengers. While the development team has hit some of those milestones, including the Cosmic Cube Villain Sector battle with Monica Rappaccini this week, some things have been shuffled around. It’s not all bad news, however, as some things are still on track and the development team has got its player base covered in the meantime.

The War for Wakanda expansion is still on schedule to drop in August, however the Patrol Mode where players can freely explore the future wasteland in search of new loot and challenge a rotating cast of bosses has been moved past the expansion.

Not wanting to leave its userbase out in the cold, the development team at Crystal Dynamics has already slotted in some replacement content in lieu of the Patrol Mode. Later in the month, the ability to form a team made up of more than one of the same character – a temporary event from last April – will be turned on permanently.

With their team of heroes, whether different or the same, players will also have a new Omega-Level Threat to undertake. Dubbed “Family Reunion,” it will end with a battle with the Super-Adaptoid, who made their debut in Kate Bishop’s introduction Taking Aim, but this time they’ll have completely new abilities. Multiplayer Mega Hives will get a bump in difficulty, however their size will be cut in half.

With this news of a shift in Crystal Dynamics’ development schedule comes an update that we’ll get another roadmap in month or two that will outline what’s coming next for Marvel’s Avengers post War for Wakanda. Though its not quite delivering on its premise just yet, things have begun to turn around for the struggling service title, and it’s refreshing to see a commitment to make it better.

via IGN YouTube

Marvel’s Avengers is available now for the PlayStation and Xbox family of consoles, Google Stadia, and PC.


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