Before the next-generation version of Marvel’s Avengers launched in March, Square Enix unveiled the next major playable character coming to the game was none other than Black Panther in an expansion dubbed War for Wakanda. As part of their E3 presentation, the publisher of the Crystal Dynamics helmed title dropped the news that War for Wakanda would be coming in August, and since then, they’ve announced the voice of Black Panther and many of the other supporting players.

Today, players finally know when they’ll be able to control the King of Wakanda in Marvel’s Avengers and that date is August 17th. One day prior, a special War Table event is planned with other reveals expected before then, including glimpses of gameplay, outfits and more.

Marvel’s Avengers released in September of last year, and over the course of a year, new characters, events and costumes among other things have been added to it. Crystal Dynamics has gone on record stating that War for Wakanda will be the biggest update to the title since launch. The expansion will not only add another playable character, but also new villains, the Royal Palace outpost area, and extra missions for both solo and cooperative play.

Even though he hasn’t officially been added to Marvel’s Avengers, costumes are already in the works for Black Panther, including the Most Dangerous Man Alive skin, which is inspired by the time Kasper Cole became Black Panther.

via Marvel Entertainment YouTube

Marvel’s Avengers is available now on the PlayStation and Xbox family of consoles, Google Stadia and PC.


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