Finally revealed in 2020 after being heavily rumored for years, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – the latest from Arkham series creator Rocksteady Studios – received a May 26th, 2023 release date during the Game Awards broadcast last December. In the years since its unveiling, what has mostly been shown are slick trailers and but a few minutes of gameplay, and with launch now just under 3 months away, it’s time to truly sell players on why this is worthy of being the follow-up to the beloved Arkham series.

This Thursday, February 23rd starting at 4PM Eastern, Sony will broadcast their first State of Play presentation for the year. Apart from new software being showcased for both indie studios and third-party partners, the big selling point for the show is 15 minutes of footage from Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. This will be the biggest look behind the curtain at what Rocksteady has been cooking up for close to a decade now.

Given that it was originally targeted for a late 2022 release and Rocksteady has been mostly radio silent on it as they dealt with a toxic work environment and high-level departures, there wasn’t exactly much confidence that Kill the Justice League would hit its release date target. But, with a slot in an upcoming State of Play and a tie-in prequel comic arriving in late May, it’s now looking like we’ll be able joining the ranks of Task Force X in their most dangerous missions rather shortly.

Regardless of how the finished product turns out, it will be worth its asking price just to hear Kevin Conroy as Batman perhaps for the last time.

via DC YouTube

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League arrives May 26th, 2023 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X and PC.



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