With both Deadpool and Venom, the 2 DLC characters who were were added to Marvel’s Midnight Suns this year, publisher 2K Games would drop a trailer on a Tuesday teasing their arrival before they would be made formally available the following Thursday. For the 3rd addition to the roster, they decided to skip the brief marketing cycle and just shadow drop them straight into the game day and date.

Michael Morbius, or simply Morbius, is the latest team member to join the underappreciated tactical-RPG developed by Firaxis Games Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Continuing the spin-off story revolving around an even deadlier breed of new vampire in this latest chapter, “The Hunger”, the Suns realize that it’s best to keep your enemies closer and seek out the assistance of the Living Vampire.

In an era of roadmaps that lead to broken promises and frequent delays, Marvel’s Midnight Suns has been refreshingly consistent with its post-launch content. Not only is it arriving on a timely manner, it’s also dropping at a pace where if you were all in on day one, you won’t have to relearn how to play because it’s not coming months or over a year after the base game releases. These characters are more than just new toys in your toy box too, as each additional teammate brings with them new levels and flourishes to your home base, the Abbey, that gives players just enough extra content that never overstays its welcome.

There’s only one announced character left, the X-Man Storm, who will presumably be added sometime late in the month of April. If you bought into the game’s Season Pass or Legendary Addition, Storm will come free of charge.

via Marvel’s Midnight Suns YouTube

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X and PC. Last-generation and Nintendo Switch ports are presumably coming soon.


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