Having jumped around the 2022 release calendar, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is – hopefully – set to arrive in early December. Even though it isn’t out yet, developer Firaxis Games and publisher 2K have already begun outlining the game’s future downloadable content plans. For those who buy into the Legendary Edition – which retails for $119.99 in Canada – you get 4 extra characters throughout 2023, each of who come with their own story missions. The list, and their respective release order, includes:

New Hero: Deadpool

A foulmouthed mercenary with a heart of gold, Deadpool has a penchant for grisly violence and lighthearted, fourth-wall breaking wisecracks.

New Hero: Venom

Spider-Man’s nemesis and main game boss, Venom turns playable hero in DLC 2, armed with all of the same symbiote attacks that once threatened the lives of the Midnight Suns.

New Hero: Morbius

One of the original comic book Midnight Sons, Morbius is an accomplished biochemist who, in an attempt to cure his own rare blood disease, turned himself into a living vampire. 

New Hero: Storm

A powerful member of the X-Men, Storm has the mutant ability to generate and manipulate wind, lightning, rain, and other types of weather to her will.

Deadpool, wonderfully voiced by Nolan North, has been taking over the Marvel’s Midnight Suns twitter account lately so their reveal has been teased for a short while now. It’s sad to see a horror-centric character like Morbius get relegated to DLC when they should be in the main game, but it’s great that he’s being added regardless. This universe’s Venom was last seen in a CG trailer where he was under the control of Midnight Suns‘ antagonist, Lilith.

On top of new characters and missions, new additions will also come to the Abbey, the game’s hub area, along with new costumes. A Digital + bundle is also available for pre-order on digital store fronts.

via Marvel’s Midnight Suns YouTube

Marvel’s Midnight Suns arrives December 2nd on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC. Last generation and Switch versions will come in 2023.



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